Pay Cash Per Sale Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Are there any minimum conversions to remain in the program? 

A. NO, as long as you follow the terms and conditions, you will remain
as an advertiser in good standing. Send us your traffic, let us convert it.

Q. Can I send blind links? 

A. Yes, blind links are permitted.

Q. Can I link thumbnail pictures? 

A. Yes, in fact we have thumbnails that you can use.

Q. Do you have any banners or text-links that you recommend.

A. Yes, we have created several banners and text links that pull like crazy!

Q. Can I take down my site and change the "Enter" to Clicks? 

A. Yes, in fact we encourage this. Why not make money for each
surfer rather than hoping they click on one of your banners while
checking out your site.

Q. When are paychecks mailed out? 

A. Checks are mailed out monthly by the 15th of the month.

Q. Do you offer overnight mailing of the checks or wire transfers?

A. Yes, if you send us large quantities of traffic we are willing to work
out alternate arrangements. E-mail us for further information.
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