Pay Cash Per Sale Terms & Conditions
  1. The rates Of commission is 30% of net sales made from a direct sale of a product by visitors sent by the webmaster and/or by a membership signup sent by the respective webmaster, sent from a webmaster's page/site via issued and approved banners, buttons, or links, avaliable thru Cash.Bestlove member's area. A net sale is defined as the purchase price of an item or item(s) less taxes, less shipping amounts, and/or less processing fees ect ... Blind links, link code sent via search engines, or any other non-approved methods of sending visitor's is grounds for non-payment and in some case's cancelation of webmaster's account.
  2. There is a 30 day grace period for commissions made from sales recorded via shopping carts for Tangible items.
  3. Account holders that are 18 years of age of older, Checks will be sent out Monthly issued by Cash.Bestlove or respective company. Accounts under $50.00USD are held over until that amount has been reached. Cancelation or Termination of accounts results in total forfeiture of all pending sums.
  4. A One account per person rule, or organization is allowed. Any subsequent multi account are subject to cancelation and/or removal. The partners account will use only one(1) email address as a user/signIn name.
  5. No illegal sites Cash.Bestlove has a no illegal sites policy. Any sites and/or webmasters associated with illegal material/illegal sites, will have thier accounts forfieted, accounts canceled, and reported to the appropriate agencies. This includes but is not limited to sites that promote and/or contain - child pornography , bestiality, warez password sites.
  6. No spamming - This includes emails, newsgroups, websites, and all other forms of spamming, including, search engine link refereral. Our link must not open up in to a new window/console No TARGET TAGS. All visitors webmasters send must come from a valid webpage. Failure to comply will result in suspension and possible Termination of the account and also may result in the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate a webmaster's account if no traffic/activity is sent within a 90 day period. If we do terminate a webmaster's account for inactivity we will contact in advance of such action. At that time the webmaster may inform cash.bestlove of their intension to continue their account, or abandon thier account.
  8. Cash.Bestlove has the right to deny any prospective partner admittance into our program for any reason. We Strive for honest hardworking webmasters like ourselves.
  9. We reserve the right to update and change these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  10. Cash.Bestlove reserves the right to turn down, refuse, and/or close accounts sending traffic from free hosted webservers. Cash.bestlove is looking for quality traffic from top domains.
  11. Bonuses: The top income producer for the previous month will be paid on the 15th of the next month. To qualify the webmaster must be affiliated for at least 3 months and have at least $50.00 in income generated for the current month. If in the case 2 or more top producers with same earning stats, a random winner will be selected from the top producers. Webmasters Participant Can appy only once in a 4 month time period. All winners will be posted to a public message board for all partners/webmasters to see. Rate of bonuse will vary depending upon the top earned amount.
  12. Webmaster Page Service: Webmasters who do not have a web site page can be accommodated by visiting for more details. Participants must be already registered and must have an account with cash.bestlove in good standing.
  13. All Terms here-in are subject to change with out prior notice, changes will be posted accordingly.
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